What to do in Nashville

Skip all of the major guides to Nashville. It’s always the same stuff. Those are the things that tell you Tootsie’s is the best Honky Tonk in Nashville. They are completely wrong.

This guide is our view of what to see and do in Nashville. It is not a complete list. It is obviously biased. It is not thorough. We can’t even be bothered to sort the lists.

We don’t care because we are old and tired and jaded.

Use at your own risk as a lot of what we say in here is wrong, misleading, abusive, and worthless.

This, my friends, is the Real Ultimate Visitors Vacation Travel Guide to the Best of Nashville’s Must See and Do Attractions in Music City for Tourists, Travelers, Explorers, and Ne’er-do-wells of the Athens of the South.

If you feel your opinions are somehow relevant then keep them to yourself. But if you insist on trolling then you can leave a reply at the bottom of each page.

If that is too hard for you, then e-mail us at flinchbot@imsmarterthanyou.com.