Nashville was originally founded for it’s geographic location to 2 rivers – the Cumberland River and the Stone’s River. This proved useful for the Maxwell House corporation to be able to easily distribute their below-average coffee to the rest of the world. At some point Nashville became a diseased cesspool of diabetics which had the wonderful side-effect of making Nashville one of the health care centers of the world. And by “health care centers”, we really mean a few giant companies that own way too may hospitals and are greatly increasing the cost of health care nationwide. So if you want to blame someone for Obamacare, blame Nashville.


There are 2 climates in Nashville:

1. Summer, where it is really hot and very humid. Stay indoors.

2. Winter, where it is really cold and icy. Stay indoors.


According to Wikipedia, “Nashville has the United States’ largest population of Kurdish people, estimated to be around 11,000”. So expect to see some of that though the Kurds are smart people and stay away from Lower Broadway. So maybe you won’t see many after all.

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