Grimey'sMusicA record shop and book storeDigging for records is fun plus you might discover new music. But in actuality you are looking for some band you've never heard of so you can buy that vinyl and impress the bored workers there with how hip and cool you really aren't.0
McKaysBooksA used bookstoreIt's the size of an airplane hangar. It's freaking massive. In other words it's a mausoleum for books and CD's and DVD's and records that should really just get buried in a landfill and not resold.1
Frugal MacDougalAlcoholLiquor StoreA big, grocery store-sized liquor store. Stock up on booze to drink in your hotel room to save money on the drinks at bars, you cheap bastard.1
Third Man RecordsMusicJack White's Record LabelYou like vinyl, I mean, like, you REALLY like vinyl. Vinyl vinyl vinyl vinyl vinyl vinyl. Conveniently located between 2 nearby breweries so you can grab a beer and discuss, you know, vinyl.1
Parnassus BooksBooksAn old school book store, even though it's only been open like 7 yearsYou like books, I mean, like, you REALLY like books. Books books books books books books. Probably located between 2 nearby bakeries so you can grab a roll and discuss, you know, books. It is supposedly one of the coolest book stores in the whole world .0
Hatch Show PrintPostersThey make concert poster's the same way they did in like 1912 or whateverWant a crazy old school concert poster of Johnny Cash to add that certain look to your den or man cave or office cubicle? Then go right here and get old school concert posters for shows you never went to.1
Goo Goo ClusterCandyThey invented the candy barIf you want to taste ground zero of the diabetes epidemic in America, then go visit the downtown Goo Goo outpost. The shakes are legit.2
Fond ObjectMusicYou need more quality vinylProbably the best used record store in town. All of the records and sleeves are in great shape. If you are looking for a ratty copy of some Kansas album, then stay away. If you are looking for something rarer, like a Legedary Pink Dots single in pristine shape, then go here.2
Marathon VillageMallYou like small, locally owned, craft storesThis is a giant old building for a car manufacturer that quite making cars in 1914. Instead of leveling this place right then, it was a blight on the city landscape until someone decided to renovate it. It now houses not 1 but 2 Whiskey distilleries, the store from that American Pickers TV show, and a bunch of little stores I’ll never go into.6
Nashville Farmer's MarketMarketIt's open every day, not just weekends and has some restaurants inside.Feel good by buying groceries directly from the farmer except for all of the other food that the farmer didn't actually grow and just resells like Kroger. Also at least 1 restaurant there was featured on "Diners, Drive-In's, and Guy Fieri's big head". There are a bunch of little restaurants there too, most of which seem worth trying. There is also a beer bar.3

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