Tennessee TitansNFL, babySadly, the Titans are starting to get good. This means the cost of a scalped ticket has gone up.
Nashville PredatorsNHL, babyHockey is so much better live, even if it is a plucky team that seems to sell out far too much for their general lack of success - barring the crazy run to the Stanley Cup finals in 2017. Which they lost.

Craigslist is your friend.
Nashville SCSoccerWho knows what the state of soccer is in Nashville right now. Nashville FC begat Nashville SC and now they want an MLS team. There is a U23 team running around for now.
Nashville SoundsMinor League BaseballGlorious New Stadium for People Revolution recently opened, complete with shopping and condos and urban renewal and taxpayer waste. Even with all of this state-of-the-art urban renewal, baseball will still be boring. Fortunately they put a bar out by right field so you can get wasted with a bunch of 20-somethings.
College SportsVanderbilt Football and Basketball, Belmont and Lipscomb basketball. Other sports no one cares about.Vandy competes in the SEC so you can see real teams play them. In other words, go to watch the visiting team. Belmont and Lipscomb are historically good at basketball. If you want to see teams you've never heard of and players you don't know, then by all means go.
Nashville Roller GirlsRoller DerbyRoller Derby kicks ass, that's why. You can also feel good about supporting women's sports for once in your life.

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